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Facebook, Myspace and Apsense. Are they all copies of Adlandpro from Bogdan Fiedur?

A Simply Amazing Social Network With A Twist That May Have Started It All.

It's no news that social networks are a great place to advertise any business while establishing new friends and business contacts but, who really started it all? I don't really know the answer to this but I do know that since 2003, I've been a member of Adlandpro with Facebook, Myspace, Apsense and the likes not even having been created yet. Could it be they were all created because of what I like to call my little Gem?

Definition of Gem From Our Wonderful Thesaurus:

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: precious stone; treasure
Synonyms: bauble, glass*, hardware, jewel, jewelry, masterpiece, nonpareil, ornament, paragon,

Now when I use the word gem when mentioning Adlandpro, I am thinking "Masterpiece" since that is exactly what the owner Mr. Bogdan Fiedur has created.

Why Adlandpro Shines Above The Rest.

One of the most important reasons why this little gem out shines the other social networks you may be currently involved in is the level of privacy protection you get as a member. Something that what I call "The Guru Networks" seem to be lacking in these days. Oh and lets not even mention that to this date, advertising with Adlandpro doesn't have to cost you one red cent. Try doing that with "TGN" (The Guru Networks). lol

For those of you who like to just read blogs or view websites that can only earn you money (Foolish Thinking), Adlandpro is also one of the first places I ever discovered that you can earn a good passive income from without investing one single red cent. Can you do that with TGN? Of course not! All they want is the advertising revenue you'll supply them with as marketers.

I can also add without any shame what-so-ever that, Adlandpro was one of the sites I wanted to sort of follow in the footsteps of when I created my own earn without cost opportunity!

Are You Still Thinking Of The Affiliate Route With Your New Online Business?

If you're thinking of becoming an affiliate to earn yourself good passive income then I would strongly suggest Adlandpro as one of your most serious considerations. It may take you some time and work to get there but if you can build a good following, it will definitely pay off in the end.

Once you are a verified affiliate, you will be able to earn from a huge list of products only a part of which are listed here:
  • Monthly revenue from auto-responder subscribers.
  • Monthly revenue from banner ad purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from surf exchange credit purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from premium classified ad purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from premium membership purchases. (Without being a premium member yourself.)
There's more where that came from but I only have so much time to write for you today!

If You Do Join, Don't Be Stupid.

From day one I have told all those who have followed me into my little gem that signing up wasn't all they had to do or where they should stop at. I have become as of this very month the 58'TH top recruiter for Adlandpro out of the 40,168 "Verified Affiliates" that currently exist. Why?

Because I had enough brains, wasn't stupid and became a "Verified Affiliate" almost immediately after joining.

Now your thinking, these aren't very big figures for a social site though. Am I right?
Okay that's more than fair but, look at the following chance you have and growth potential that my little gem has through these stats:
  • Current Members In Adlandpro - 172,284. (Last year they were at around 120,000 in December when I predicted they would reach 180,000 by years end.)
  • Current Verified Affiliates - 40,168
  • Current Unverified Affiliates - 172,284 minus 40,168 = 132,116
  • Market that Can Still Be Brought In - 1,000,000,000+ Yes that's Billions!
According to these stats which are live as of today, only 30% of Adlandpro members were actually smart enough to become "VERIFIED AFFILIATES"!

So How Do You Become A Verified Affiliate?


Register for a free account.

Complete your profile, add your signature file link leading to your own website or blog and be sure to add a real picture of yourself.

Read the tutorials listed at the top of the networking page on becoming an affiliate.

Go to your affiliate account and paste a banner or Adlandpro custom page code on your website or blog.


All you have to do now is write your articles through the Ezines, Press Releases and Blog comments to watch your new Adlandpro income start building from those who join this "BEAUTIFUL GEM" after you!

My Bold Prediction For Adlandpro In 2012:
250,000 Members by The End Of December!
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As usual, I do appreciate you sharing your time with me today!